Double Broder DVD Shelf

Materials: Broder Shelf parts, additional wood from hardware store, wheels, ball bearings

Description: Remember this? After one year of use, the free-standing shelf took up a lot of space, standing 1,30m from the wall into the room. So I went for a more compact setup with double the shelf space. I got another shelf minus the feet and constructed a wooden base so I could mount two posts on ball bearings so that they can easily rotate.

Under the T-feet I screwed wheels with an M12-screw. As the T-feet are broader than the shelf itself, the shelves can not stand directly behind each other. One of the supports for the wooden base is a narrow DVD-shelf itself, build entirely from real wood and my first attempt at carpentry with just wooden dowels and glue. The Fixe drill template was very helpful there. I thought about using a “Benno”, but decide against it because I did not want to spoil the look of real wood. Furthermore, I would have had to add some height to it anyway.

Now both shelves are standing along the wall, less than 80cm into the room as compared to the former 130cm.

~ Thomas, Koblenz, Germany

Jules Yap