Expedit Amon Desk

IMG 20120325 234047 723653
IMG 20120325 234047 723653

Materials: Expedit Desk, Vika Amon, Ekby Lerberg, Lack wall shelf

1. Lay 4×2 Expedit Desk on its side.
2. OPTIONAL: Remove desired shelves. (Cut/sand pegs)
3. Mark screw locations for Ekby Lerberg Bracket
4. Attach screw to Expedit. (Test bracket wobble)

IMG 20120325 011502 718294
IMG 20120325 200236 719808
IMG 20120325 211155 721066
IMG 20120325 212933 722610

5. Attach Screws to Vika Amon. (Test bracket wobble)
6. Place Ekby bracket on Expedit.
7. Place Vika on Expedit (Line up screws to Ekby and slide into place)
8. Your done!…. sorta
9. This desk is every so slightly top heavy so fill it with books and such to prevent tipping (or add legs to Vika Amon for added support
10. OPTIONAL: Add Square Lack shelf to extend a footprint for PC case or other devices.

~ wisekris, Orlando, FL

Jules Yap