Closet isn’t LACKing anything as a Bar

Materials: 4×4 Expedit, Lack shelves, Hutten, Counter lamps, wine glass holders

Description: Not the first Expedit bar hack, but hopefully you all will still appreciate our interpretation….

Our old place had a multipurpose room we converted into a dining room. The closet wasn’t really being utilized, and looked strange with dated bi-fold doors so we stripped it down and converted it into a dry bar.

Using an Expedit and Lack shelves, we create the base layout for our bar.

(I drilled a couple extra holes into the LACK metal frame to line up with extra studs and used some extra strength butterfly anchors where there was drywall. I knew the liquor would add up in weight, so I wanted them to be strong.)

I cut down two Hutten 9-bottle wine racks to fit in the Expedit.

Added few wine glass holders,glass chess boards and shooters,and under mount lighting (wires hidden and run behind the drywall) with a foot switch by the corner. I had to pull power from an outlet on the same wall in the adjacent room. I had always wanted to throw in a proximity sensor for the lights but never got around to it.

Best part is that it was fairly simple to take apart and bring with us when we moved, however, I haven’t had a chance to put it back together again yet.

~ aingco, Canada