Materials: (2) EXPEDIT 5X1 Shelving unit’s, FIXA floor protectors, (2) sheets MDF, (1) 4X4 post, wood screws, power drill

Description: While spending some time in the US, I wanted to show my brother the potential of IKEA furniture. A few days later, I surprised him with a modern, functional upgrade to his bed.I wanted to provide adequate storage in a room with minimal space. My idea was to take advantage of the DRONA boxes in conjunction with the EXPEDIT shelves.

Step 1: Using the completed EXPEDIT unit, I was able to take proper measurements for the EXPEDIT unit that needed to be trimmed down.

Step 2: Cutting the EXPEDIT to the correct size. For in-depth information on this part of the process, please visit this instructable.

Step 2.5: The extra material from this step can be used for various items. In our case, we used the extra pieces to provide numerous shelves throughout the space.

Step 3: With both finished EXPEDIT units, I was able to take measurements for the MDF. Due to my situation, one piece of MDF was not enough to completely support the bed. At this point, you can also measure the correct height of your 4×4 wooden post supports. This supports will placed under the MDF for added support.

Step 4: This is an optional step. Depending on the type of bedding used, some of the MDF support layer can be visible. As I was pinched for time, my father recommended the fastest fix all solution: Duct Tape! As many know, Duct Tape comes in a variety of colors. My local home improvement store happened to have a roll of black. We covered the edges of the MDF to blend this portion with the EXPEDIT unit. If you have more time, I would have went with a painted MDF.

Step 5: Using FIXA floor protectors, I covered key points on the EXPEDIT units and the 4X4 posts to prevent the flooring from being damaged. It also prevented the MDF from damaging the EXPEDIT surface.

Step 6: With all the pieces completed, it’s time for final assembly. The EXPEDIT’s should be set in place first. Next, we set the 4×4 support posts in their location. From here, you can bring in the MDF sheets. With the MDF in place, you can then move forward with attaching the MDF to the 4×4 posts.

Step 7: For extra support, brackets can be used to attach the MDF to the EXPEDIT 5×1 ONLY. ** DO NOT attach anything to the EXPEDIT 2×1 unit ** The 2×1 unit is a free floating piece. It can be removed to enable more storage under the actual bed frame for the user(several plastic bins fit well in this space).

Step 8:Lastly, place the mattress on the MDF.

Sadly, our local IKEA’s were sold out of the DRONA boxes in black. The bins pictured can purchased at “The Red Bulls-eye”

~ RJ Caraynoff

Updated: 1 May 2012

Maximilian’s version for a Queen bed

When I moved in my new flat I had a smaller room than before. I needed a place where I could store all my LPs and I needed storage under my bed. When I measured the Expedits I found that they are perfect for LPs and I decided to use them to build my bed.

What you see on the pics is the finished bed (don’t look at those cables, I didn’t yet have the time to let them disappear). My first idea was to have an open corner which than would be covered with milked acrylic so I could put a lamp behind it to have some nice diffuse light in in my room. But since the Expedits take lots of their sturdiness from those end parts, I decided to ditch that idea for now, especially having in mind that a bed is not always only for sleeping…

I used the “Expedit Bookcase size reduction” instructable to cut them (140x200cm which is queen size in the US I believe). I than used metal brackets to attach it to the wall and to connect both Expedits with each other. After that I put wooden bars at the wall and one in the middle to later hold the slatted frame and the mattress and basically that’s it. So now I have space for all my LPs and enough storage for things I don’t use on a regular basis. The biggest size you could get with two Expedits attached like that would be 180x200cm but I don’t have the space for that.

~ Maximilian