DJ Booth with integrated turntables and mixer

The DJ booth project started with my turntables and mixer, since one turntable was black and the other silver.

I wanted them to match. So I ordered some covers from and an adhesive sticker for the mixer from

Expedit turned into DJ Booth

And I always wanted to integrate the equipment into the Expedit, so I prepared a drawing in Autocad and had a company cut out the top plate.

The rest I cut out myself, and did all the assembly. All the sides and front parts were made so that the top of the top plate would align with the top of the turntables.

Front view
front view
Top view
top view
Side view
side view

After the assembly, I spent a lot of time on sanding all edges and adding filler, which also required a lot of sanding. And finally I put on two coats of floor painting.

The small lid on the right side is for a small storage space I made for extra cartridges etc. This is hinged to the rest.

Expedit turned into DJ Booth
Expedit turned into DJ Booth

Download PDF of drawings of the DJ booth: Expedit 1210 top view_rev02 | Expedit 1210 side | Expedit 1210 front

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