Faktum goes sideboard

Faktum, Härlig, Besta

Description: I saw some sideboard post here lately, so I thought I could post mine too.

It’s quite a easy hack, the “hardest” thing was finding a fitting top panel. I used three of 60x70x37 cm Faktum structure together and mounted them on one wall in my living room. (I had these cabinets before and used them as storage for clothing in my former apartment under the sloping roof). I added some Härlig door and a 180cm top panel from the Besta series in white. I measured the height based on the bench underneath, which I wanted to be able to store there and to easily get the bench out when I have friends over for dinner.

I did the same on the other wall, with 60x92x37 cm Faktum cabinets and a 120cm Besta top panel. Easy hack and for my part, it’s just the style I love, for not much money (all together must be around 200 euro).

I just recommend choosing very well how to mount the cabinets, as I use these cabinets to storage my dishes in it, it’s quite heavy.

(Also if you look closer, there is another Ikea hack: the frame with Ikea fabric ;))

~ Laura, Liège