Floating pot shelf

Materials: Ikea metal shelf, aircraft cable, ceiling hooks x 4, level

Description: The kitchen in our house has very little cabinet space; there is no room for our pots and pans besides the top of our stove. Our local Ikea is having a huge sale and I picked up a metal shelf for $5 CDN. And then went next door to the Home Depot and picked up (4) ceiling hooks for $1 each. I had 1/8″ aircraft cable from a previous project so The whole thing took about 20 mins.

1. Measure how high you want the shelf to be
2. Cut the aircraft cable to (4) identical lengths
3. Make pilot holes in the ceiling where you want the hooks to be (through a joist would be ideal)
4. Feed the cable through the holes and use the cable clips to fasten the cables to the hooks
5. Adjust with level

~ roy, Vancouver

Jules Yap