Fräck mirror + tin can + candlestick = industrial style lamp

Materials: Fräck mirror frame, tin can, candlestick, lamp cord, power drill, bolts

Description: This was a project were I forced myself to be creative and turn cheap pieces into something good looking.

I already had the Fräck mirror frame and I bought a wooden candlestick, a tin can, and a lamp cord from a thrift store. I cut off the top of the candlestick and painted the base black. Then I drilled some holes to the tin can so that I could attach it to the mirror frame and the lamp cord. Then the mirror frame was attached to the black painted base.

The result is a nice looking industrial style lamp. It makes nice indirect light when pointed towards a white wall and looks great even when the light isn’t on.

This lamp would also look great with a tripod base or other type of lamp base. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

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~ Minni S., Finland