Scissor Me This!

Materials: Kroby Desk Lamp, Frack Mirror, Ball-Chain Connector (1.5″ X .5″), two bolts, two rubber washers, two nuts, two mounting screws, one in-line on-off switch, electrical tape, screw driver, c-clamp, .050 hex wrench

Description: I love Scissor Lamps! But they cost way more than my budget allows – especially since I wanted two. My Ikea-Hack cost under $40 for each lamp – Yippie!

A few notes prior to doing anything:
~ Do not assemble the lampshade while working – this shade is glass and can be scratched easily – only put the glass shade on at the very end!

The first step is to disassemble the Kroby desk lamp.
~ I cut the cord just shy of the switch so it could be pulled through the neck.
~ The lamp is held together at the top of the neck with a tiny screw that needs to be removed in order to separate the neck from the head (keep this screw!). I used pliers to pry the two segments apart. In order to avoid harsh scratches on the metal, I put a small piece of leather between the metal and the pliers – though this particular bit of the head will not show. This was, by far, the hardest part.
~ Pull the cord through the neck to free the head completely from the neck and base. It helped to shove the cord from the bottom as well as pull from the top.

The second step is to create a finished look on the head of the lamp and create an attachment point for the scissor component.
~ Thread the cord through the ‘ball chain connector’ (1.5″ X .5″) – small hole first. This will be a tight fit over the end of the lamp head.

~ Through one end of the ball chain connector, screw that tiny screw back into the base of the head.

~ Twist the ball chain connector so the tiny screw creates a solid fit.

The third step is to disassemble the mirror.
~ Remove the mirror from the horseshoe shaped base.
~ Use a C-clamp to hold the tip of one end onto a sharp edge and bend the tip to a 90 degree angle – do the same on the other side.
~ bend the rest of the horse shoe shape so that the two bends face each other with enough room for the ball chain connector to fit between (see pic).
~ NOTE: you will need to be able to maneuver a screw driver between the 90 degree bend and the rest of your curve (see pic) so don’t bend too sharply!

The fourth step is to assemble the horseshoe and the lamp head.
~ Insert one 5/8″ X ~1/8″ large headed bolt through the 90 degree bend, through one rubber washer, through one end of the ball chain connector and into the nut which is inside the ball chain connector (see pic). From experience…do not use the nuts with the plastic stopper ring in it – too hard! Use a regular nut.
~ Tighten as much as possible! The end of the bolt should butt against the flat side of the stem from the lamp head.
~ Do the other side.

The final step is to assemble your new lamp and connect the new on-off switch.
~ Follow the instructions for inserting a new on-off switch into your cord having cut out the Ikea switch all together, and using the rest of the cord.
~ For ease, wrap the cord up around the lamp head, then screw the mirror base onto the scissor base.
~ As a LAST step, put your glass lamp shade on your new lamp. It is heavy and will pull down toward the metal base, so be careful if it swings so it doesn’t break! Insert your bulb (which comes with the lamp – Bonus!)
~ Test your new light.
~ Use the two screws to attach to your wall (not included with the mirror package)


~ S.Bruhn, Bay Area

Jules Yap