Greenhouse à la Elk

Materials: SAMLA boxes and lids, drill, hole saw

Description: Basis of this idea was the simple fact, that I needed a bigger mini-greenhouse (windowsill greenhouse) for my growing chili plants, as the former nursery station became too small. But I didn’t find any to buy, so I hacked one (OK, I hacked two as you can see).

For one greenhouse I bought
– 1 SAMLA box, 11 liters, black
– 1 SAMLA box, 22 liters, white
– 2 matching lids (which are identical in size)

Afterwards, I took my drill, attached the hole saw and drilled 12 holes into each lid. The holes are supposed to hold 0,2 liter plastic cups, which the chili plants live in until approximately the middle of May.

Now drill a couple of holes into the big white box for ventilation and that’s it.

Now take the small box, put the matching lid with the holes on top. Then take the second lid and put it on the first one upside down. Then hang the cups into the holes. The big white box now serves as the cover of the greenhouse (hence the ventilation holes).

While building this, I came across the fact that, while all that SAMLA stuff is made of pretty flexible plastics, it still may break if you are not careful enough. I recommend to predrill the centers of the holes with a drill for wood. I also recommend drilling the corner holes last. And don’t even think about trying to drill two lids at once to save time. Even too much drilling speed ain’t good. You know… friction… heat… plastic melts and all that. Take your time and be careful.

Before finishing the greenhouse, I planned to glue the two lids together, but realised, that the lids nearly don’t slip from each other at all when the holes are occupied. Two filled cups put into the holes in opposing corners are already stable enough.

Have fun. My chili planties are doing fine in their new “elkish” home.

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~ Christian, Braunschweig, Germany