Biltong box

Samla and Bygel

Description: Building a Biltong box with parts from Ikea is quite straight forward.

I had to buy Samla Box 57×39 with cover, some Bygel (10 items pack, just buy 4 or 5 packs). And 3,6m of knotted-link chain.

A fan from an old PC, an old power supply, some fly screen, some strip of wood (20x40mm), a broomstick, a handful of screws.

The Bygel have been sharpened on one side.

The wood has been cut to fit into the box and pre-drill: a center hole for the broomstick and 6 holes with 5 cm distance for the chain. The broomstick is cut to the fitting length and pre-drilled. Then everything is build together.

The hole for the fan has been drilled with a 6mm drill and finished with a cheap 80mm core drill. If you don’t have a core drill just drill a lot of holes on the outline of the 80mm hole and cut through the remaining parts. (Don’t try to cut the hole free hand…)

Attach the fly screen between box and fan. No glue needed.

The cover does not close the box beause it rests on the wood strips. This is good because it creates an outlet for the air (pressed in by the fan). If you use smaller wood strips you might need to add holes into the cover. I would suggest not to big holes otherwise they have to be secured with fly screen. And as far as I see gluing would not work with the box and cover material.

~ Holger Lembke