Ikea door TV stand

Materials: Ikea cupboard doors, Capita legs, stainless steel tube, threaded rod

Description: We needed a place for the entertainment center and didn’t want to pay hundreds of euros for a decent looking stand. The stand also needed to be 2.5-3 metres wide to accommodate TV and speakers.

I found a dozen cupboard doors for 2 euros per piece in Ikea discount section and got also two sets of 11 cm Capita legs.

From scrap metal yard I bought a few metes of 25 mm stainless steel tube and M10 threaded rods along with some nuts.

Ikea doors are too thin and flimsy to bear enough load without bending so two doors were glued and screwed together making six 24 mm thick shelves. Then 15 cm was sawed off from the back of each shelf.

25 mm stainless steel tube matches Capita legs in thickness and finish. The tube was cut in 16 pieces, each 20 cm long. Threaded rods were cut in eight 50 cm pieces. M10 nuts matches the thread of the rods and M12 nuts are just big enough to fit inside the steel tube. One M10 nut and one M12 were glued together using epoxy making 32 centering guides for leg tubes.

Working upside down, three shelves were stacked and 11 mm holes were drilled for leg rods through two of the shelves. Then the mounting plates of Capita legs were attached to the bottom shelf (to be the top shelf later).

The rods were attached to the Capita’s threading using sleeve nuts. M10/M12 nut pairs were then twisted to proper heights to support each end of the tubes and first round of tubes was installed before the next shelf.

After the last shelf, Capita legs were twisted into the remaining threading of the protruding rods. The bottom legs tighten steel tubes in between the shelves making the whole stand robust.

Two similar but mirrored stands were made. Total weight is almost 100 kg. They are meant to stand next to each other forming a 256x56x45 cm stand. 20 cm clearance between shelves is enough to fit A/V equipment, and dvds and bluerays if needed. 56 cm total height lifts the speakers to almost correct height.

I’m planning to disassemble the TV stand for painting later on during the summer, but for now it’s quite OK as it is.

~ Jani, Finland