Knihult lives and relives

Materials: Knihult couch

Description: I have a couch called Knihult and I bought it nearly 4 years ago. It looks like Karlstad but was much cheaper, but the fabric was really fast in a bad shape. Surprisingly, the upholstery is still in a good “shape”. So the first time, nearly 2 years ago, as a student with low budget, I bought some cheap fabric and covered my couch with this fabric. It was really fine and served me well until we moved a few months ago. Our last pet was very sick and left some unpleasant marks on the fabric. So I removed this fabric and bought a leather fabric to cover it all up.

To do all this, I had to disassemble the couch and I stapled the fabric like it was made for the original fabric. I had just to sew the sides. Sewing this is quite easy for thin fabric, but not that much for leather. But as you can see, I won the battle and I’m proud of the result.

~ Laura, Liège, Belgium