LACK TV "wall mount" without drilling

Materials: LACK shelves

I’ve been using a LACK shelf unit for my entertainment centre for a while now. I moved one shelf to make room for the receiver and BluRay player. The left and right speakers are bolted on. The normal TV base didn’t really allow the centre speaker location. I really wanted to wall mount the TV, but I live in a rented apartment and am not permitted to drill holes in the wall.

The solution was to bolt two vertical steel poles (designed for hanger rails in wardrobes) on the LACK base using L brackets and four carriage bolts all the way through the LACK sides (there is no substance in these hollow LACKs). The TV is mounted on a commercial TV wall mount from eBay for $25 delivered.

Wires are taped behind the vertical bars and effective at concealing them (apart from an antenna cable that is not long enough right now).

~ Scott, Sydney, Australia