Old IKEA LACK TV hacked into vintage style furniture

vintage style furniture

vintage style furniture 2

Materials: Old model of LACK TV furniture and metal guides of IKEA panel curtains

Adding elements to an old IKEA furniture I created a piece of furniture inspired by Scandinavian vintage sideboard of the mid century.

Remove the wheels from the original model.


Add a side panel of 2.1 cm thick to match the overhang part on top.



I could not find a panel this thick, so I joined a white melamine panel with plywood and covered the edges with melamine edge banding.

For the upper and lower guides I used a metal guide from IKEA panel curtains. These metal guides are glued on wooden slats: top on square shaped slats and the bottom ones on an “L” shape. These slats support the guides and are nailed to the original furniture.

Sliding doors are made with DM painted yellow. It incorporates round knobs from sliding doors.
Along the lower guide and the edge of the original furniture there is an”L” shaped PVC angle.
It serves as a transition between the bulk of the guide and the edge of the cabinet much higher.
It is also between the sliding doors and old furniture where there is a separation.


To raise the set, I created legs, which were salvaged from a table someone had thrown.

I cut the wooden legs to 25 cm in height.
Cut top of wooden legs with drill and cutter.



I inserted slits at 90 degrees the pine slats that are joined with glue and nails. The two Short pine slats of laterals are inclined, parallel to wooden legs. I reinforced this structure with 5 inner slats and added 4 square pieces.






This pieces are nailed with the base of the original furniture (+glue mounting adhesive) to join all the set.
In wooden legs I glue wires laminated as ornaments.
They are wires recovered from a clothesline someone had thrown
Finally lightly sand the structure of the legs and varnish.


And finally, this is how it looks!



~ Víctor Lusquiños

Jules Yap