Laundry Daze

Materials: Antonius clothes storage system items

Description: This isn’t a hack in the truest since of the word but it is an adaption and adjustment of Ikea items to suit a different need.

The laundry room of our house is very small which means space in the room is very tight. So after searching for a long time for a laundry system (stand alone or wall mounted) to fit the space and our needs, everything we found was either too expensive, too big and/or didn’t suit our needs. Which were to have room to hang empty clothes hangers and clothes, a place to fold clothes and/or set the laundry basket as well as room for a small bin to hold a few dirty towels/clothes when there weren’t enough for a full load.

So I took some parts from the Antonius clothes storage system and re-purposed them. The items used are 2 long wall rails, 4 brackets, 2 solid (not wire) shelves and 2 clothes rails. These pieces are sold separately at the Ikea stores, so you can mix and match as I did. I also bought a small plastic Ikea storage bin to put on the floor underneath the unit.

To suit our needs in the laundry room, we adjusted the lower shelf so it was high enough off the ground to give clearance for the bin and the empty hangers. Then the top shelf we put quite high so you could hang clothes up there and still be able to put the laundry basket on top of the lower shelf. It’s perfect for the need and the space as it’s very sturdy (no wobbling at all) and the shelves don’t stick out too far. It fills every need and didn’t cost a fortune as a lot of the purpose built standalone laundry racks do.

~ Rebecca McCarty, Seattle