LEKSVIK floating TV stand

Materials: LEKSVIK coffee table, 1 x 12 x 10 #2 Whitewood Pine Board (lowes), Simpson Strong-Tie Angle (x3), white trim semi gloss paint, Stripper Gel, Wood strength glue, white decorative cable cover, Cordless drill and drill bits, Stud Finder, Circular Saw.

I was inspired by this hack.

To make it easier to hack, I tried to reuse the IKEA assembly mechanism (bolts and screws) that the table had, to make this easy with just a few cuts.

First, disassemble the table keeping in mind what part of the table you’re gonna use. (see picture with doodle). I wanted to have enough space in the shelves to fit DVD’s, games and my kids Wii console. Cut the shelves to your desired length.

My table was painted over, so I stripped the paint off with Stripper Gel and later painted it white with leftover semi-gloss trim paint to match the wall panel, that way it blends as part of the wall. After it dries, put it back together as you would right out of the box.

Placing it on the wall is the tricky part, it’s heavy piece, so that’s why I used very strong and large tie-angles to hold it in place, and also *very important* to use a stud finder and screw the angles directly to the 2×4 inside your wall, so it holds in place without the risk of coming apart or falling.

Finally, glue the painted pine board to the top and guide all the TV cables through the white cable cover and VOILA!

~ Daniel R, Atlanta, GA