How to repurpose Chest Drawers to Underbed Storage Drawers

underbed storage drawers IKEA hack
Photo Credit: Ronja Lotte

Recycle your old LEKSVIK dresser for some new underbed storage drawers.

I decided to tackle my enormous pile of mess under the bed and repurposed two sizable drawers from an old IKEA dresser into underbed storage drawers. The transformation has left my bedroom looking remarkably tidy.

Now, visitors won’t immediately notice that I harbor an inner “busy mama bird,” always seeking new homes for old possessions or treasures that no longer hold my interest. Instead, they perceive a neat and organized living space – little do they know about the eclectic assortment inside my newly crafted underbed storage drawers!

If you’re curious about the process of creating these underbed storage drawers, continue reading, as always.

Before the Transformation:

LEKSVIK dresser
LEKSVIK dresser | Photo Credit:

3 Steps to Repurposing Dresser Drawers to Underbed Storage

Step 1: Adjusting Drawer Heights

LEKSVIK drawers
Photo Credit: Ronja Lotte

I began by pulling the two larger drawers from my dresser and measuring their fit under the bed. Unfortunately, the largest one was too tall, prompting me to whip out my trusty circular saw. I sliced off approximately 2.4 inches from the top of the drawer.

Step 2: Fine-Tuning Heights and Painting

Cut and reattach wood
Photo Credit: Ronja Lotte

Then, I reattached the trimmed wooden strip to the upper edge of the second drawer. This adjustment ensured a more uniform height for both drawers. After this, I removed the handles, and a white paint coat brought a cohesive look to both drawers.

Step 3: Adding Final Touches

knob repainted
Photo Credit: Ronja Lotte

The finishing touches involved painting the handles in a light gray hue and reattaching them. Finally, I fixed felt pads to the bottom of the drawers, allowing for smooth, scratch-free pulling. With this completed, I happily filled my new underbed drawers – mission accomplished!

If you have more clearance under the bed, you can use caster wheels under the drawers to make them easier to slide in and out.

So far, it has worked great, and I love the extra storage I gained. I decompress puffy items like bedding and linen in vacuum-storage bags to maximize storage before placing them in the drawers.

~ by Ronja Lotte (Nur-Noch)

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