Malm Nightstand Shelf Conversion: Two becomes One

Materials: Malm nighstand, Komplement shelves

Description: We have recently updated our bedroom with a combination of Pax and Malm units. We originally looked at the Malm headboard plus side tables, but couldn’t see how to make it work with our existing divan. We settled for a pair of Malm 2-drawer chests, but didn’t really want two drawers. Then I had flash of inspiration – don’t fit the top drawer and replace with a shelf. I bought a pair of Pax wardrobe shelves and rummaged in the “help yourself” spares bins for some small right-angle brackets.

Assembly was as per instructions but with the top set of runners removed. Before adding the second side, one of the shelves was measured and cut so that it rested on top of the divider between the drawers, supported by the brackets. Although the inside of the cupboard is not wood finished, it’s not that obvious. It may have been neater to have the shelf protrude over the divider to match the drawer front, however, the edges of the shelf are rough so this is not a good idea. Assembly continued as per instructions.

One good thing about this hack is that it is reversible if we change our minds.

~ David Jones, Romford, Essex, UK

Jules Yap