Mobile Mac Mini Media Center Cart

Materials: Bekvam Kitchen Cart, Multiplex-Board Birch, Besta-Caster (2x), screw-in threads (4x)

Description: Hence I threw away my TV-Set in 1999 I still wanted to take part in the Online-Life (Skype, Streaming) – without putting up a fixed media installation in my living room.

So I collected this Bekvam Cart from my neighbour, unmounted the legs (especially those with the funny scrumdidelumptious nonsense one-direction-casters) and off I went to the DIY-Store to have them cut with their big saw.

Next they cut down 2 shelves according to my measures. 1 for the keyboard tray, 1 for the bottom shelf.

Getting the Besta-Casters mounted:
For each of the 4 legs accordingly start drilling in the center down with a 15mm Forstner-Drill just to the exact depth of the screw-in thread. Next deepen the holes further down with an 8mm wood-drill to hold the screw of the caster. A big screw with two lock-nuts helps generously to get the thread into the hole. Next mount the casters and you’re done with the fuselage.

Then remove the ledges from the bottom shelf, keep 2 of them and put in the prepared multiplex shelf which has to be cut exactly to snuggly fit around the legs.

Eehh, the 2 holes are for – what? The smaller ducts electricity and LAN. The larger one permitts the bottom facing speaker of the woofer a better performance. Fix the shelf with either double-sided tape or screws.

Take the two leftover ledges and screw them to each side to hold the rails for the tray.

Sand the Counter-Top down to the finest grain (1000) to achieve the shiny surface without using any varnish. Drill a hole for the various cables serving the monitor, the iSight-Cam and speakers. Mount 2 handles for convenient pushing and pulling.

Remove as many of the ledges as possible (leave 3) from the middle shelf. The three left ledges carry the Mac mini and thus supply perfect airstream from below to ventilate the machine. Add another small shelf for the mouse (unless you prefer a bt-mouse to command it from your fauteuil). You’re done.

Now fill in the DVDs, the machinery, relax and enjoy.

~ Michael Manthey, Black Forrest, Germany

Jules Yap