IKEA BEKVÄM Hacks: Must-See Ideas To Try Today

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The IKEA BEKVÄM range consists of 4 unique items. The BEKVÄM minimalistic spice rack, a 3-step ladder, a sturdy step stool, and a sturdy and versatile kitchen cart. This range is easy to assemble and sturdy enough to last a long time. 

Although they are designed to aid you in the kitchen, that is not the only place to use these items. They can work as extra surface and shelving space in your office, workshop, craft room, or bathroom. The shelves and materials are strong enough to hold small machines and supplies. The kitchen cart’s wheels are super helpful for moving the trolly around.

You can paint or stain these solid wood items in any color to fit your décor. It is advisable to tighten the screws from time to time, though.  

BEKVÄM Spice Rack

The solid aspen spice rack has a clean and sleek design measuring 15 ¾ inches wide to hold around 4-5 standard spice bottles. It has a thin single wooden piece in the front to secure the spices while allowing enough unrestricted view to see them. You can add as many racks as needed to organize and declutter your countertops.

BEKVÄM 3-step Foldable Ladder

The solid beech wood 3-step foldable ladder is ideal. It has a width of 17 3/8 inches and a height of 24 ¾ inches when unfolded. It was tested to a maximum load capacity of 220lb. The advantage of this foldable ladder is that it easily stores in a small 30 x 9 inches space. 

BEKVÄM Step Stool

The IKEA step stool is made from solid aspen wood and was tested to IKEA's highest standards for durability and stability. The step stool has a maximum load capacity of 220lb and a height of just over 19 inches, making it ideal for reaching those hard-to-reach items. Staining or using wood oil is recommended instead of painting it since paint can make it slippery.     

BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart

The fourth item in the BEKVÄM range is the solid birch wood kitchen cart/trolly. It has wheels attached to 2 of the 4 legs making it easy to move around while still being sturdy. Its height is 33 ½ inches, and a load capacity of 20lb. The useable top surface is 22 7/8  x 19 5/8 inches with two racks for easy storage and accessibility. 

IKEA Hacks For The BEKVÄM Range

The BEKVÄM range lends itself perfectly to hacking to achieve the creative result you want in your home or office. Each item in the range can be hacked and customized to fit a variety of needs and styles.

On this page, we'll explore some of the most creative and inspiring IKEA BEKVÄM hacks that you can try at home to add some personality and functionality to your space. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or a beginner, these hacks are sure to inspire you to get creative with your IKEA furniture.

The most popular hack for the BEKVÄM step stool has to be the Learning Tower hack. It has gone through many iterations over the years, but it still converts amazingly well into a learning tower. Besides that, you can turn your BEKVÄM step stool into an occasional table, or use it as a cat house. See hacks for the IKEA BEKVÄM Step Stool.

As for the spice rack, we love to hack it. Use the spice rack as a makeup organizer that sits conveniently on the wall. Not only can you see all your makeup at one glance, but you also declutter your dressing table or vanity. See hacks for the IKEA BEKVÄM Spice Rack.

Speaking of a bathroom vanity, why not use the kitchen cart to create a custom vanity. It's also excellent for your espresso machine. See hacks for the IKEA BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart.

Scroll down for all IKEA BEKVÄM hacks or click the links below to search for hacks specific to the IKEA item. 


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