15 ways to make the IKEA pegboard even better

ikea skadis pegboard hack

IKEA introduced its pegboard system, the SKÅDIS series, some years ago, and I’d say it’s one of the best IKEA products launched in recent years.

I love how super customizable it is, with a growing range of SKÅDIS accessories that help keep things organized.

It works in your entire home — from the hallway to the garage, even on selected IKEA furniture. Use it anywhere you have a flat surface to hang it up.

A Closer Look at the IKEA Pegboard

The IKEA pegboard is crafted from durable galvanized steel, making it sturdy and lightweight. It comes in various sizes, the most popular being 22″ x 22″ and 30″ x 22″, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space.

The IKEA pegboard was first introduced in 3 sizes and two colors — white and wood — but has since added black to the range. The pegboards are made from fiberboard with a clear acrylic lacquer coating finish. They are lightweight and, so far, proven to be durable.

Unlocking the Power of IKEA SKÅDIS Accessories:

IKEA offers a diverse range of SKÅDIS accessories to personalize your pegboard and cater to your specific needs. Here are some popular SKÅDIS storage solutions:

  • Hooks: Choose from various hook styles, such as small S-hooks for keys and mugs or larger J-hooks for a rolled-up gym mat or pots and pans.
  • Shelves: Add additional storage space with metal or plastic shelves for holding spices, notebooks, journals, or decorative items.
  • Containers: Utilize clear or colored containers to store loose items like tools, crafting supplies, or toys.
  • Baskets: Woven baskets add a touch of texture and function, perfect for storing towels, magazines, or laundry.

IKEA Pegboard Ideas:

We love the IKEA pegboard because of its versatile storage options, allowing it to be used in so many ways. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  • Kitchen: Hang pots, pans, utensils, and cooking tools for easy access. Utilize shelves for spices and cookbooks. It will also work in the pantry.
  • Bathroom: Use hooks and containers to organize towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.
  • Bedroom: Create a jewelry display with hooks and shelves. Hang scarves or hats for easy access.
  • Garage: Use hooks and baskets to organize small gadgets, gardening equipment, and cleaning supplies.
  • Workspace: Install a peg board above your desktop and hang notes, calendars, and important documents for a clear and organized workspace.
  • Sewing room and craft room: The SKÅDIS has regularly been touted as the star of the craft room organization. Use it to organize threads and bobbins, papers, and paints.

Kid’s desk with IKEA pegboard

Photo Credit: Kelly @our.home.atno50

The introduction of the SKÅDIS desk connectors opened up possibilities of adding the pegboard to a flat surface. Adding the pegboard to the FLISAT table is a no-brainer.

Easy plant wall with SKÅDIS

Photo Credit: @hoyaeverafter

The SKÅDIS pegboard becomes the perfect base for a vibrant vertical garden. Utilize various SKÅDIS accessories like small shelves and hanging planters to create a customized ecosystem for your favorite plants. This space-saving solution not only adds a touch of greenery to your space but also keeps your plants organized and readily accessible for watering and care.

Add storage to carts

Craft cart @verena_weisnaehschen | Photography cart Daniel Willinger

The IKEA pegboard cleverly extends the usability of a cart, turning it into an awesome organizational tool. Measure your cart and get a pegboard that best fits the size of your trolley. We’ve seen it work for the RÅSKOG, SUNNERSTA, and BROR. It can be as simple as using a couple of zip ties to hold the pegboard to the trolley frame.

Add a pegboard to the IKEA KALLAX

Photo Credit: @WegBier

The IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard and KALLAX unit are both organizational powerhouses, but their individual strengths can be further amplified when combined. While IKEA offers a dedicated door insert with a pegboard, this 3D-printed adapter unlocks the flexibility of using the SKÅDIS board on the side of your KALLAX products. The adapter is attached to the top of the part of the KALLAX that has more substance (compared to the middle sections, which is honeycomb paper) and aligns with the SKÅDIS holes for a secure connection.

Clutter-free pantry

Photo Credit: IKEA.com

The SKÅDIS pegboard can be your tool against pantry clutter. Utilize a variety of hooks and containers to hang frequently used items like measuring cups, spatulas, and spice packets, keeping them within easy reach. Install shelves for heavier items like spice jars and oils, and opt for small containers for loose items like tea bags or baking supplies. This customizable system allows you to personalize your pantry organization, maximizing space and ensuring everything has its designated spot.

5 IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard issues and how to fix them

But no matter how perfect a system is, you can trust IKEA hackers to improve the SKÅDIS.

First, we look at five crucial issues users regularly face when using the IKEA pegboard, followed by new solutions for the wall organization tool.

#1 Expensive hooks?

You’ll need quite many hooks and accessories to fill up the SKÅDIS pegboard, and Kenyer was shocked at how quickly the numbers added up.

So he figured he could make his own hooks to save cost.

Over at Instructables, he shows us how to twist copper wires into the SKÅDIS hook shape. It works surprisingly well, too.

Designing your own hooks lets you bend them to fit different tools. Any hooks that IKEA doesn’t sell, you can shape your own.

#2 Hooks that fall off?

That’s a problem.

One of the pain points of the IKEA pegboard is how easily the hooks are pulled out of the peg holes.

Johan K wanted to put a stop to that. He designed a discreet 3D-printed plug that slots into the peg hole and keeps the hook in place. The hook may still rattle somewhat, but it won’t fly off the board soon. See how it works in the video below.

Remove the annoyance. See the full post.

#3 Wasted slots?

Nook Hook for SKADIS pegboard
Photo: AEKI

Most SKÅDIS hooks occupy two slots, but the Nook Hook takes only one slot. It has a locking tab to prevent the hook from falling and keeps it firmly in place on the SKÅDIS.

With the Nook Hook, you can arrange the hooks to make maximum use of every slot on the pegboard.

Nook hook
Photo: AEKI

This is awesome for hanging little things like necklaces, rings, and rolls of washi tape.

And for even something as simple as a small photo frame (which won’t look good on the original IKEA SKÅDIS hook).

Get the Nook Hook here.

#4 Mount inside a cabinet?

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard mounted in BESTA

Want to use the SKÅDIS inside a cabinet like the BESTÅ?

Andreas had the same thought but wanted the mounting to be as seamless as possible. Out of his personal need, he created a SKÅDIS mounting system specially for the BESTÅ. See his nicely organized hardware box within a BESTÅ storage unit.

It integrates seamlessly with the mounting hardware included with the BESTÅ/SKÅDIS and can be mounted either to a BESTÅ suspension rail or by anchoring a floor-standing frame to the wall.


It should work for other cabinets like the METOD or SEKTION, too.

Get the Beskåda Pegboard Mount here.

#5 Accessories for the IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard

If you have access to a 3D printer, you’re in luck. There are tons of 3D-designed accessories to maximize the use of the pegboard.

Just hop over to Thingiverse and download the 3D printable item for your needs. Most of them are free of charge, but do leave a tip for the designer to encourage them to keep creating good stuff.

You’ll find add-ons of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of storage. A small pegboard mounted shelf, a headphone holder, a tray. For the crafter, a scissors holder, perhaps?

No 3D printer? No problem. Get these readymade accessories for the SKÅDIS system.

SKÅDIS Accessories

We found some different accessories from Etsy sellers that are very different from those available at IKEA.

Craft room love

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories for paint bottles
Photo: ArtyBCN3D

The SKÅDIS is beloved in craft rooms around the globe. Be it yarn or tubes of paint, or bottles of buttons, they can all be organized on this wall-mounted wonder.

Hang up tubes of paint for easy access. This is specially made for the Vallejo brand, so check the diameter of your paint bottles before getting one. The holders come in 4 different colors. Get them here.

Keep your threads and bobbins organized with these holders. A simple plastic attachment that lets you thread your spools through. Easy and effective. Get thread holders and bobbin holders.

This holder is made to store pens, markers, and other longer items. It fits crochet hooks, too.

Photo: my3dbase

For the entryway

sunglass holder
Photo: my3dbase

Small entryway? Use a SKÅDIS pegboard to keep sunglasses, keys, and small items in their place.

If you find the white and grey hooks from IKEA boring, these colorful hooks are the way to go—lots of colors.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories
Photo: Avatoronto

Make it work in the games room

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories for headphone
Photo: lemmefix

Make space on the SKÅDIS for your headphones. A classy holder with a small footprint. It comes in a few options, like copper, marble, brass, or black. If you’re always wondering how to hang up your headphones, this one is worth checking out.

Display your PS5/Xbox controllers in style. Discreet SKÅDIS mounts keep them in place and on display till your next game. Details here.

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard accessories for game controller
Photo: my3dbase

For the coffee station

coffee filter holder
Photo: lemmefix

A minimal coffee filter holder that plugs into the SKÅDIS beautifully. Especially if your coffee station is already using the SKÅDIS system.

Regular pegboard to IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard

skadis adapter pegboard
Photo: Davipro

Don’t have a SKÅDIS pegboard? Fret not. With this adapter, you can convert your regular pegboard to work like an IKEA SKÅDIS and start using all the fantastic accessories.

Anything else on your wishlist?

Or what other ways have you improved on the IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard? Let us know in the comments below.

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