Overlapping gliding panels

Materials: Kvartal, Anno Tupplur

Description: We have a rather large window on the living room, approx 2.5m wide, where we wanted to place some panel curtains (like the Anno Tupplur ones). However, these ones are quite narrow (about 60cm), so we would need 5 panels and to rethink the “standard” rail mounting, where we would need 5 rails (so that the panels could overlap when the curtain is open, but would create a pyramid like effect).

Our idea was to use only 2 rails, as far as possible one from the other (using the largest Kvartal wall hardware), and fixing the panels in diagonal, using both rails.

This way, when fully opened, the panels would cover all the window in a slight overlapping way, but will occupy little space when we want to see the through the window.

Finally, so that the panels move together, we used a small screw on the back of the top panel rail which will push the rail on the back as soon as they touch. We also tied this screws together, so that when a panel is pulled it pulls the one right behind. I’m afraid the pic is not very clear, but I think you’ll get the idea…

~ Mário Nogueira, Portugal

Jules Yap