PINGLA, ANTONIUS and SNALIS pull out drawers


Description: This system is a hack of the PINGLA cardboard boxes. It will work with SNALIS storage boxes and ANTONIUS wire baskets. It was inspired by the TROFAST system, but won’t be compatible with it as is. They will be compatible with TROFAST if it is widened.

The main idea of this hack consists of adding a rail to the sides of the PINGLA boxes that is 2cm thick by 2cm wide and 37cm long. That gives it sturdiness and locks in the flaps that hold the box together. The PINGLA boxes turn into wide drawers (the rails could be added on the longer sides to make a deep drawer, or added on the perimeter of the box in a frame like fashion).

In order to have the same dimension and for this to work, the ANTONIUS wire baskets need to have a 2cm thick by 6cm wide and 37cm long rails, for they are 8cm shorter than PINGLA.

SNALIS boxes have a very sturdy lip and need no alteration. Do not forget to attach these rails to PINGLA boxes 3.5cm from the top of the box in order to make room for the lid (if you want to use the boxes lidded).

This set of resulting drawers could be used with a modified MEGASIN dish drainers as shown here (they would have to be strengthened by additional nails or screws and cross bracing beams), it also be used with a modified TROFAST system.

This hack shows one way, as an example, of how you can make your own drawer system out of a flat 2cm thick plywood material. It could be routed out/sawn out by hand or milled/laser cut by a machine. It can then be reconfigured to be used as two or more modules- serving as basic side table frames, coffee table frame or bed frame. The measurements are included.

~ irakliy kontselidze, Canada