Turnbuckle Table

: 1 Molger table frame, 2 big slices of oak, 8 turnbuckles, 16 dome-headed bolts, 16 nuts

Description: I found a discontinued Molger frame in the As-Is section (best section EVAR!), and realized that I had to make a table out of it. So, I found a pair of beautiful oak planks at a local woodshow to add.

I assembled the Molger, then glued the planks together into a single surface and planed it smooth. I centred the Molger on the table, then drilled through the surface and into the tops of the Molger’s corner posts. I glued dowels into the holes, connecting the two into a table and used a high-gloss varnish.

However, Molger wasn’t made to be a rock-steady table, and was quite wobbly. To stabilize it, I got a set of turnbuckles at a hardware store. I drilled into the legs and lower horizontal rails, and secured the turnbuckles with the bolts and nuts, then turned all the turnbuckles firmly tight.

~ Andrew, Waterloo, Ontario

Jules Yap