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Materials: NUMERAR Countertop x 1, BEKVAM Kitchen cart x 2

Description: So in the search for a new desk I wanted, I turned to Ikea to see what they had to offer. I went through the entire catalog to find a desk but was sadly disappointed in all the sizes of the desks available.

As I was walking out of the section I noticed the counter top. Specifically the NUMERAR counter top. It measures a total of 72″x40″ and was the perfect size for me. However I still ran out of ideas on how I was going to keep it afloat over my chair.

That’s when I found the BEKVAM kitchen cart. They were small enough to act as legs and provide room for my chair underneath the desk while holding the table up. They also act as two cool shelves on my desk.

I purchased 2 kitchen carts and the counter top and began deciding how to make it.

I put the kitchen cart together, but noticed it was rather high. It stood about 4.5 feet off the ground. Far too high for my chair.

So step 1:
Construct the kitchen cart.

Step 2:
With a wood saw, cut off the legs that do not have the wheels attached to them.
Do not use the wheels at all.

Step 3:
You should now have an equal standing kitchen cart without the wheels installed.

Step 4:
Place each kitchen cart about 3 feet apart from each other.

Step 5:
Place counter top (with help of someone, seriously, the thing weighs like 150 pounds) on top of kitchen carts.

Step 6:
Enjoy the massive desk you just created from a kitchen counter top and two kitchen carts.

See more of the kitchen cart workstation.

~ Carlos B., Southern California