Stenstorp Kitchen Trolley Deluxe

Materials: Stenstorp Kitchen Trolley, Compressed Wood, Stainless Steel Rods, Drawer Slides, Ikea Drawer Handles & Paint

Description: We have been looking for a nice kitchen trolley for a long time, but they all basically were way too expensive!

We knew what kind of trolley we liked and when I came across the Stenstorp Trolley from Ikea I thought it was perfect for some simple adjustments.

The idea was to keep the trolley as is but add stainless steel ‘safety’ rails (so our stuff doesn’t fall out) and a drawer.

When starting the drawings for cutting the wood and assembly I thought it might be a nice idea to remove the top front wooden panel and create 2 drawers instead of 1. (This would be small, but perfect to store a kitchen scale, potholders etc.)

I looked at one of the Ikea drawers I have in a cupboard and used that design for my custom sized drawers.

Luckily all the drawings panned out and the entire construction fitted on the first go.

I’m really happy with the end result. (It actually ended up looking like how I wanted it to look…which is something I wasn’t counting on ;))

Click to download instructions pdf.

~ Patrick Kaneman, The Netherlands