The $15 Glass dry erase board!

PAX DRAMMEN, RIBBA, Mounting screws

While browsing the as-is section at Ikea, I found a few Pax Drammen frosted glass sliding doors and marked down drawer pulls. After seeing the Torsby table used as a dry erase board, I decided to do something similar with this.

1 x PAX DRAMMEN Frosted Glass sliding door $9.99 (as-is section, discontinued?)
1 x Drawer pull $0.99 (not sure of the name, but could be substituted with a RIBBA photo rail)
4 x Drywall mounting screws (various sizes)
Various tools (level, tape measure, drill)
A friend

The PAX door has 3 holes for the hinges, I decided to hang it from the 2 outer holes (6 feet apart). Since the door only weighs 21 pounds, I did without stud mounting.

The end result is a uniquely shaped dry erase board.

~ Jazen, Austin, Tx

Jules Yap