Gliding top cantilever LACK coffee table with bin lids that convert to TV trays

gliding top cantilever LACK coffee table

IKEA items used:

Two black LACK TV UNITS Article Number: 902.432.97

Two KUGGIS bins Article Number: 202.802.07 two LJUDA place mats ​002.359.99

Assemble one LACK TV UNIT, except for shelf.

Sand and paint black two 2″ x 2″ x 10″ mounting boards for glides.

Gliding top cantilever LACK coffee table - close

Purchase two 10″ fully extending drawer glides. Read all instructions so you understand how these operate. Using glides, mark locations for drilling mounting holes. Drill holes through top and mounting boards. Attach glides and boards using long furniture bolts and nuts (These have flat heads that sit inside glides without impeding glide function and tighten or disassemble easily.) (We bent the stop end of the glide to access additional mounting holes, and then bent them back into place.)

Complete attaching 10″ glides to top, ensuring that screw heads don’t impede glide function. NOTE: be sure that both sides are measured and marked carefully for parallel placement, so glides work smoothly.

Turn table upright and attach shelf.

Gliding top cantilever LACK coffee table - open

Using two remaining LACK legs, paint raw ends black. Measure, mark and drill holes through sides of legs, and attach to completed tables’ legs with long wood screws.

Important: These legs act as a “sled base” to counteract tipping when the gliding top is fully open.

Attach peel and stick furniture glides to prevent screws from scuffing floors.

Add KUGGIS bins and cut your favorite place-mats to fit inside the lids.

Prepare your meal, pull out your trays and remote control and sit down, pull your gliding top towards your sofa, and enjoy your new TV room table!

~ Barbara Corff