How I made a Baseball Side Table with glue and resin

I wanted to make a baseball side table to use up some of my not-so-valuable baseball cards.

baseball side table

How I made my baseball side table

I went out and bought the 22″ x 22″ LACK side table.

Then, picked out 1970’s – 80’s Baseball cards of players I remembered. After sorting through them and organizing the “right” layout on top of the table, it was time to fix them into place.

I used a hot glue to affix the baseball cards to the table top. Remember to wipe clean the table and let it dry first to avoid any other material sticking onto your cards.

Then, I used white glue, 3 parts with 1 part water and applied it to the cards’ faces.

baseball card table

Once dried I used an Epoxy Resin mix to seal the table.

Create a border all around the LACK table to contain the resin.

baseball side table

Let it cure for 24 hours at least and there you have it. A functional table that would be a great conversation piece at parties.

~ Steve, New York

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baseball card collage table

I discovered an interesting way to give the LACK side table a baseball make-over using a bunch of vintage baseball cards, glue, gloss, and resin.

The end result is a beautiful table which will add some character to any sports themed room. I’ve found that people love to sit and look at the old cards, even if they’re not into baseball. See Matt’s baseball card collage table.

#2 Gaming table

I love DnD, card games, and quick board games. However, with a 2-year-old, space is at a premium. Selling this “set-up” as a storage place and part-time gaming table is a good win with the Partner.

The hack took a day, give or take a few hours. It costs around $300. The 2 KALLAX units were the biggest expense, so get those on sale, if you can.

What I like most about this gaming table is it’s got some good space. It’s tall, so the bar stool height encourages people to move and be active. Storage is KEY.

This is how it looks closed and “stored”.

gaming table

And then, game mode!

ikea kallax gaming table

See the IKEA KALLAX gaming table hack.