Blinged out KVINTETT

Materials: KVINTETT wall uplight, glass marbles, Craft Goop

Description: I liked the shape of the KVINTETT wall light, but the frosted glass was a little bland for my taste, so I decided to dress it up. I used glass marbles that are flat on one side (also known as vase filler). I bought a 2-pound bag of clear, standard sized marbles and a box of multi-colored, 3/8″ marbles. (The brand is Jennifer’s Mosaics. I found them at Hobby Lobby.)

To work on the light, I laid the glass part flat on the table. Starting on the outside edges, I first glued on the small marbles that make the top and bottom trim, using Craft Goop. After these were in place, I began on an outside edge and filled in with the clear marbles, throwing in a small colored marble every so often. (Be sure to leave enough room around the pre-drilled holes for the mounting screws.) Once I had reached the center of the light, I turned it around and started at the other outside edge. (I did this because the Goop does not adhere instantly, and the bottom marbles helped hold the next row in place.) I worked until the lamp was completely covered

Even though the Goop instructions said that the bond would be permanent in 24 hours, I let the lamp dry for 5 days before hanging it up, just to be sure. It was a long wait, but now I am enjoying my sparkly, blinged out light!

~ Jennifer, Indianapolis