Building/repair tool on rooftops

Materials: BEKVÄM step stool

Description: Renovating an old house, I should remove paint, sanding the wooden panels, put primer paint and paint, sanding in between.

I am not a hero on the roof, standing on the small wooden slats on which the rooftiles are laying.

So I measured the degree of the roof and sliced away part of a BEKVÄM with same angle.

After that I fastened two slats under the feet of the BEKVÄM stool with screws.
These two slats I use also when working on the roof: six screws from the slats on the roof.

So I move my building tool on the roof taking out these screws, put the tool higher or lower and then fasten it again with these screws again.

Result: a tool with which it is good working! you can sit on it, hang on it, put paint cans, other things.

It gives me great confidence standing on my roof, working on my house.

~ Bert Lijnema, Netherlands

Jules Yap