Cleaning up the Expedit

Expedit, Leckman, tape, blade, 12×12 cardstock

Description: We recently bought our second Expedit 2×4 tower from Ikea. I love the versatility of this line. Our plan for the second one was to replace the older TV stand with this tower. The bottom row will house the media in the red Lekman boxes.


My problem with the Lekman boxes is that they are clear-ish. You can still see all of the shadows and even colors of the items inside. And boy are there a lot of items inside! Another issue I have been having is seeing the cords behind the top row. I am not sure why there are so many cords…


Get a 5th LEKMAN.

Do not put it together, instead use the 4 outer walls as a backing to the top row. I placed the shiny side out (so it mimics the bottom row). Since two of the sides are solid and 2 are exposed, I placed the exposed sides on either end. The spots on either end of the unit house the items with cords. The exposed sides are smaller than the solid. So by shoving the cords under the side, it settled nicely into the slot, but were still a bit too small. I used a strip of the spacer that was supposed to go under the Lekman boxes along the top of the exposed sides. This made it a perfect fit. The solid side was too big so I smushed it between the unit and the wall. Then reinforced with some scotch tape.

To take care of the problem of seeing all of my stuff, I took one sheet of 12×12 cardstock, traced the exposed squares out, cut them with the exacto, and placed with the white side facing out. The paper was super thick (too thick to use for anything other than getting on my cricut’s nerves) so it is perfect for hiding all of my junk.

~ af, USA