Expedit Goes Kinda Walk-In Closet / Room Divider / Headboard

Materials and tools: Expedit (4×4, 5×1), wallboard, wallpaper, wallpaper paste, screws, screwdriver, white paint, stucco bands, hot glue

Description: When I first saw the slender floor plan of my bedroom, I immediately wanted to separate it into to parts and live the dream of a walk-in closet (or the closest possible thing to it). I used a common 4×4-Expedit with an extension made from a 5×1-Expedit (which I sawed to the length of 4 cubes) as a room divider but for me, the room was still far too bumpy. So I decided to build some kind of screen to close the rack optically and to emphasize the ‘walk-in-kind-of-thing’…

I took the wallboard, screwed it onto my Expedit shelf-combination, glued the wallpaper on it and let it dry. While the glue was drying, I took some stucco bands made from Styrofoam, sawed them into the right length (be careful about the angles!) and painted them with white color to receive an even more stucco-like finish. After some other drying time, I took some hot glue to fix the bands getting a nice frame for my new headboard / room divider / walk-in closet.


See more of the Expedit room divider-headboard

~ Caro, Germany

Jules Yap