FORNUFT on Display

Materials: 20 x FORNUFT silverware, curtain rod, 20 gauge jewelry wire, glass beads

Description: I recently painted my kitchen and was looking for some kind of unconventional window treatment because I can’t stand fabric valances. I also wanted something that wouldn’t block too much of the sunlight coming in. On Pinterest I saw a picture of a valance made out of silverware, and I thought, “Hey, I can do that!”

I went to IKEA and bought a 20 piece set of FORNUFT silverware for $8.99. I hung it from a curtain rod I already had using 20 gauge, silver-colored jewelry wire. I started by making a spiral in the wire. (Twist a loop around the end of round-nosed pliers, then grip the loop with needle-nosed pliers and keep wrapping the wire around it until the spiral is the size you want.) I then started at the business end of the silverware and wrapped the wire around, threading on a seed bead every now and then for some color. When I got to the end of the handle, I added a few more glass beads. I tried to leave enough wire to wrap around the curtain rod twice.

I hung the silverware in a pattern I liked, trimmed any excess wire, and voila – a fun and unique valance. And best of all, 20 pieces of silverware were the perfect number for my 35″ wide window.

~ Jennifer, Indianapolis