A Creative Exercise Using RUSCH Clocks

Materials: RUSCH clocks, anything to decorate the clocks with (spray paint, fabric, dollar store trays, etc.)

Description: Description: The RUSCH clocks are really cheap here – in USD $0.84. I wanted to see what sort of ideas I could come up with when hacking the look and design – so I ended up buying 5 of them.

My first experiments were based on trying to change the look of the whole clock – like spray painting the frame black. But anyone who has seen one of these clocks would know what I just did. So my attention went to hacking the round plastic cover. This way the new clock designs wouldn’t look like the original RUSCH design.

For three out of the five clocks (The Black Beast, White on White, and Dressed Up) I ended up using the round plastic cover as a base. Two were spray painted, another covered up with fabric. For the Black Beast I cut up the seconds hand to create the number locations.

I didn’t want the seconds hand on any of the clocks so I cut off the stems, just to keep the round tab to cover the hole.

Next up is the Double Dose clock. Instead of using the round plastic cover as the base I glued cardboard to the back of an IKEA MARIT dinner table mat.

The last clock, Horizon, used a dollar store serving tray as the base. Half of it was spray painted black, the other half white, to give it a more abstract design. All of the spray painting, including the painting of the first two clocks, were done inside of an IKEA shopping bag (so the spray paint doesn’t go everywhere).

To see more pictures of the clock hacks, click here.

~ Jacob, Malaysia

Jules Yap