Good golly, Godmorgons galore!

Materials: Godmorgon wash basin stands, wood dowels, spare wood

Description: I found a stack of Godmorgon wash basin stands in the As-Is section on clearance for dirt cheap, so I picked up as many as I could fit in two car loads. They are good quality, and have great soft-closing drawer slides with extra dividers to put in the drawers, and I thought they wood make a great dresser (or two).

I stacked three two-drawer Godmorgons and two four-drawer Godmorgons to make some great looking sets of drawers.

First, I assembled them as per instructions.

Then, I drilled 6 mm holes in the tops and bottoms of the stands to attach them with dowels. Remember to measure twice and drill once so the holes and dowels match up. Also, remember you don’t need holes in the very top or bottom surfaces once stacked. I then put in 6 mm wood dowels (without glue so they can be easily unstacked for moving) and attached them to each other.

Finally, I made a top for each with some spare MDF that I had and mounted it on dowels mounted horizontally at the correct depth for the top to mount flush into the dresser.

I also made a bookshelf to go on top of the office drawers using spare wood for the shelf, cut up an Ikea Bygel metal rail for the book ends, and finished the legs with some metal feet from another Ikea project.

~ Dan, Adelaide, Australia