Recycle Bin Dresser

Materials: RETUR Recycling bins, Lack Shelf, Wall Anchors, Screws, Cordless Drill, Table or Circular Saw, Spray Paint

Description: I soooooo hate folding clothes. I used to have two piles of clothes on the floor, one for dirty clothes and one for clean.

I wanted to create something that didn’t take up any valuable floor space. While visiting IKEA I had an inspiration.

Using the two different sizes of IKEA Recycle Bins (this and this) and a Lack Shelf I was able to come up with a nice contemporary looking wall dresser.

The storage bins come in white but they were not white enough (my bedroom is painted bright white) so I spray painted them in my garage.

To mount them to the wall, all it took was a few plastic wall anchors, screws and about 20 minutes of time.

To finish it off and make it look like it is a piece of furniture I took a Birch finish Lack Shelf, ripped it down to just 8-inches wide (The depth of the Recycle Bins) and cut it to a length of 59-inches (the width of the 5 Recycle Bins). I then attached it to the very top using a few screws from underneath the top recycle bins.

And just like that, I have a great wall dresser that I can just drop my clean underwear, socks, t-shirts, etc into with absolutely no folding whatsoever!

Someone may ask why I used the smaller Recycle bins as well as the larger ones. I chose to use four of the smaller Recycle Bins to keep my different kinds of ankle socks and sports jocks separated instead of dropping them all into one of the bigger Recycle bins. It just makes it a little bit easier when I want to find one or the other.

Over all it took about 3 hours to build when you take into account the drying time of the spray paint and cutting of the Lack Shelf.

~ Daniel P Poling, Miamisburg, Ohio