Hack a country kitchen style dining table

Materials: Svalbo table, water based wood stain, water based white paint, water based finish

Description: I have been looking for a country style table for a while but they were too big or too expensive, so I bought a Svalbo table from Ikea with a precise idea of the result i wanted.

I’ve sanded all the parts 3 times with a 80 sandpaper until the transparent vanish was gone, then the top has been treated with 2 coats of a water -based preservative wood stain in antique walnut colour. Sanding carefully all the surface is really important because otherwise the wood stain will not be soaked up.

I’ve painted legs and frame with 2-3 coats of white paint then, once dry, all the parts were painted with 2 coats of transparent finish (3 coats for the top).

The table has been assembled, I’m very happy with the result, it matches perfectly my INGOLF chairs, also from Ikea. Hope you like it.

~ daniela, Italy