Dinner Table and Desk – Cheap and Easy

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Materials: 1 Lack Coffee Table, 4 Vika Legs, 2 Lerberg Trestle

Description: We wanted a nice looking dinner table like the Torsby one, but we didn’t want to spend 159 on it. The Vika system is cheap but the table tops are very narrow, not so comfortable for dinning. We decided to buy the Lack coffee table (118 cms x 78 cms) and 4 Vika legs (now Godvin).

The bottom shelf that comes with the Lack table, we used it as a desk, we just bought 2 Lergberg trestles.

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Costs in CAD;
– Lack coffee table 39.99
– 4 Vika legs 40.00
– 2 Lergberg trestles 20.00

Total for a dinner table and a desk = 99.99 CAD

~ Am19

Jules Yap