Kitchen Peninsula

Materials: Akurum base & wall cabinets, high gloss Abstrakt doors & panels

Description: IKEA HACK 1: Changing an underused bar area into a multi-functional peninsula: Now this place serves as a prep-area for cooking (we only have a little pantry-style kitchen), and a food serving station (breakfast/happy hour/ buffet style dining).

That’s Bobby with our bar area in the background. Tiles are already removed. Photo below gives you an idea about the size of the area. We wanted to use all the area for cabinets. No more bar stools sitting at the edge & more space for my linens.

However, we could not place base cabinets back-to-back because of lack of space. Therefore we used upper cabinets back to the base cabinets the front side of our peninsula. Cabinets were screwed together back to back, side to side & to the wall.

To hide the cabinet seems we got the high gloss finish panel ( it also matched our high gloss finished doors) & saw it to match. Same with toe kicks. Topped the peninsula with granite. Looks great.

Cabinets used: Base cabinets :4 Akurum/ 3 drawers: wall cabinets: 4 wall cabinets. All doors. Sides & toe kicks Abstrakt high gloss white. Strecket handles.

~ Robert, Jerry, & Liane