Leksvik to Lets Fix for Bigger TV

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Leksvik bookcase, 1X12’s, 1X6’s, 1/10

Description: We first rearranged some shelves on a Leksvik bookcase to hold our 27 in TV. Then we bought a larger TV.

We retained the sides, doors, and used some of the existing shelves in a wider, lower TV cabinet.

Used a Kreg Jig for nearly all the connections.

I did this in the garage of a temp home in Austin. Tools were 7.5 ” circular saw, clamps, Black and Decker workmate bench, kreg jig, power drill, and power saber saw.

The sides of the bookcase were cut down about 12 inches off the top and then the original top was used to trace same design on the new tops.

The 1X12’s and were used for the new bottom and middle shelf. The 1X10 for the top shelf. The original shelves were used as needed for shelves and vertical sides.

~ L. DeFrance, Woodstock, IL and Austin, TX