Malm storage bed

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Materials: Malm, Borken

Description: I was Googling something (don’t remember what) the other day and came across IKEA Hackers! It’s wonderful to see how creative people can be, and I’ve got a lot of new ideas for my own home.

I would like to contribute with some of my own hack’s. Usually, the ideas are mine, but the handiwork is mostly done by my boyfriend, Björn, so in these cases.

The bed is done with 2 MALM (his and hers, clothing storage), MDF, wallpaper, paint and some moldings.

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The pet bed below is a Borken children’s chair (from Bolagret)and an IKEA stool. I removed the top of the stool and placed it under the chair, where the chair was broken and voila; A bed for our wonderful cat.

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I don’t think you can find this stool at IKEA anymore, but i think you can do something like this using IKEA’s products anyway. Cats like their bed a bit higher than dogs so perhaps you can do this with IKEA’s own petbeds and their stools?!

~ Jill, Sweden

Jules Yap