Not Stolmen but Ivar (bike) racks!

Materials: Bestå legs, Ivar wooden ladder (30×226), Ekby Valter brackets (28cm)

In order to maintain the harmony in the family, we had to figure out a compromise between the dimension of our apartment and the fact that my partner has no intention to park the bicycles outside. Although a bike rack seemed like the most obvious solution, we couldn’t find anything that could meet our needs. So, we decided to build it by ourselves. Our two main goals were: 1) it has to stand without drilling the wall, since we’re renting and we’re not allowed to do so; 2) it has be cheap.

We went to Ikea and with a bit of work we came up with a cool bike rack, that cost about 300 SEK (yes, we are extremely proud of it!)


– Bestå legs, 20 SEK at the sale corner
– Ivar wooden ladder (30×226), 125 SEK
– Ekby Valter brackets (28cm – the big ones), 25 SEK each
– Stuff we already had at home (screws, drill, wood glue, an old inner tube, tennis racket grip, felts)


We used 2 Ekby Valter brackets as frontal feet for the structure, using the already made holes for the screws. We also put some wood glue in addition to the screws, just for being 100% sure.

Making the lateral feet was a little bit tricky. We cut away the jutting part and made some new holes for the screws, in order to not cross the screws used for the frontal feet.

We used the last 2 Ekby Valter brackets as frame props. We attached the two pieces you cut off from the lateral feet, in order to prevent the risk of bike falling. Then we covered it with an old inner tube and some tennis racket grip, to avoid annoying scratches on the bike frame.

For the upper part, we changed the Bestå legs’ normal screws, with some wood/iron ones.

We mounted the Bestå legs, put some felts on the surfaces in contact with floor and ceiling, placed the rack and regulated the length of Bestå legs. Put the bikes on and enjoyed! 🙂

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~ Pam, Uppsala