Padded Headboard and Bed Rails for the Dalselv (or Fjellse)

Dalselv (or Fjellse) Twin Bed, Vikare Guard Rails, Large Wooden Boards, Foam Core Board, Fabric, Batting, Iron On Hemming Tape

Description: My husband hacked some Vikare Guard Rails by removing the hardware from the very small boards (way too low to be useful when used on the Dalselv) and used a much larger wooden board in it’s place. In the meantime, I wrapped some fabric backed in batting around a piece of foam core board to give my kid a headboard that would prevent him from whacking his head into the wall. It is easily secured to the foam core board by using some iron on hem tape around the back.

See details on the how-to of this kid’s bed padded headboard.

~ Skooks, MI