Outdoor sofa from Fjellse bed

Materials: 2x FJELLSE, SULTAN LADE, 1 shelf 200×30, 140 cm of 2×3 pine, outdoor heavy duty stain, SULTAN FAGERAS

Description: Looking for quality outdoor furniture and not finding what I am looking for, I came up with this in the mean time. I only bought the 2 beds and the slatted base. Everything else I already had.

I assembled 1 bed but with the headboards on either side.
You then have 2 end pieces and 2 side pieces left.

The 2 end parts are cut in half and each with a Dremel at one side (top) made to fit into the slid where the 3 smaller pieces are placed.They fit in very snug, place next to the 3 smaller bits and secure it with a screw or metal corner. You could place another piece here to close it all up.

Cut 2 pieces of 50 cm and 2 pieces of 20 cm from the 2×3.
Place the 2 pieces of 50 cm at an angel that is comfortable for you on both sides and screw in to place.

Screw the 2 side pieces as backrests onto them, make sure that the mattress still fits underneath.

At the top back end screw the 2 pieces of 20 cm to rest the shelf onto. In this case the shelf just rests on the 2 side pieces and on the top backrest for easier winter storage. But could easily be secured with some screws. Stained it 2 times.

It took an hour or so to assemble the bed, another 2 hours to screw the pieces of 2×3 into place and use the Dremel for the side pieces and 2 days to stain because of drying time in between layers.

~ Carol, Granada, Spain