Rast transformed in a 19-inch rack mount

Materials: 1 Rast, 2 six units 19-inch rack rails, 1 Skubb (optional), 4 Slugger (optional)

Description: I don’t know if IKEA made it on purpose, or if it’s just a really useful coincidence, but the fact is that RAST has exactly the dimensions to host in its hole six standard 19-inch rack units.

So I have decided to use it to host the external soundboard of my laptop and, in the future, other rack units I’d buy.

I’ve prepared a scheme of the two iron rails used to hold the rack units (the holes distances are calculated according to the rack units standard) and I’ve given that scheme to an iron artisan to build them for me.

After that I’ve screwed the rails on the side indicated as B in the scheme to the RAST and then I’ve inserted my soundboard in.

As a plus, I’ve also noticed that SKUBB fits exactly in the RAST with the who bars, so while waiting to fill the whole RAST of rack units, I’ve bought it to keep cables and stuffs in order.

Other modifications that can be added to this basic hack are to paint the RAST or to put wheels (4 SLUGGER should work fine) under it to move it around easily.

That’s all!
I hope someone will find it useful.

~ Francesco Verdoja, Rivalta (TO), Italy