Stokke KinderZeat solution

BEKVAM Step stool, SNILLE (seat only), NEDDA chair pad, countersink drillbit, glue, 4x crosshead screws

Description: On a trip to the UK, my little boy had the use of a chair not too dissimilar to Stokke Tripp Trapp which costs well over $300 here in Australia.

He loved being able to use the step to climb in and out of a ‘Big Boy’ dining chair and sit at the table with Mummy and Daddy so here’s what I came up with…

Assemble the BEKVAM Step stool ($14.99) as normal

Glue (normal PVA wood glue in this instance) the NEDDA chair pad ($0.99) to the top of the stool, trimming the excess off with a pair of scissors.

Mark 4 holes in a square formation on the flattest part of the SNILLE ($7) seat and drill a pilot hole through each – get a countersink bit and make recesses on the holes.

Line up the seat on the top of the NEDDA covered step and drive 4 countersunk screws through the seat and straight into the wood – make sure these screws are long enough to hold the seat but short enough to not poke through the other side.

Hey presto, a Stokke Tripp Trapp inspired, Kiddy-Climb-In dining chair for less than $25 AUD and about half an hour to put it together.

~ Duncan, Australia