Tadao Ando Book Clock

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Materials: RUSCH Clock mechanism, awesome hard cover book, super glue, pen knife

Tadao Andoir?t=ikeahacker 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0714837172 architectural style mostly constructed with concrete, which provides his architecture a sense of cleanness and simplicity at the same time. So I decided to honour his style by making this clock book with the extremely cheap Ikea clock to go with the concrete walls.

First of all, make a hole in the center of your hard cover book wide and thin enough for the protruding piece from your clock mechanism to go through. I don’t have a drill, so I use a knife and a pen to round up the hole…

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Super glue the clock mechanism behind the front cover page. Then cut square holes on all the pages wide and thick enough for the clock to be in.

Close the book cover, and snap the clock hands on to the piece sticking through.

Hope you all like it!

~ Imchaser, Singapore

Jules Yap