Tea for Two

Materials: Lack table [black], spray paint, silicone, jig saw,

Description: As our granddaughter grew taller, we needed to add height to the existing black Lack table used by her for her tea party time.

We used 3 3/4″ unpainted fence post finials (w/screw already imbedded in the finial) and thin 1/4″ wood wafer circles cut to hide the top of the finial.

The finial and thin wafer circle were painted using spray can paint the colors our granddaughter picked out.

The finial was screwed into the wafer then into the table leg.
This raised the table approximately 4″.

We finished the project by adding
1 1/4″ craft balls and wafers painted the same combo as the table legs, to the chairs. We screwed the balls/wafers into the chair legs using drywall screws.

The same small painted craft balls were glued to the clear plastic tray that holds the tea set.

Now our 3 year old granddaughter has a few more years of “Tea for Two” play.

~ Di “Mimi” French, Desert Hills, Arizona